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Leveraging Your Community and Expanding From a Bike Manufacturer to a Content Generation Machine

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Lou Lentine

Lou Lentine is the Founder and CEO of Echelon Fitness Multimedia, a fitness company that manufactures fitness equipment and streams fitness classes. For many years, Lou has appeared on TV and various shopping channels, including HSN, The Shopping Channel Canada, QVC USA, QVC UK, QVC GERMANY, Shop TV Japan, and many others worldwide. He has also appeared in numerous globally aired commercials for products he has developed or co-developed.

Lou is also the Chairman of Viatek Consumer Products Group and an on-air guest on The Shopping Channel. He holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lou Lentine explains what Echelon Fitness Multimedia does and how it began

  • How Echelon Fitness Multimedia has grown from product manufacturing to content generation

  • Lou's reasons for building a multi-layered company

  • Lou talks about the partnerships he has with other brands and how Pitbull composed a song for them

  • How incorporating fun helps in creating excitement and avoiding boredom inside a company

  • The value of listening and learning from your community and building a support network

  • Lou's advice on driving traffic, increasing sales, and retaining customers long-term

  • The mentors Lou has had and the best piece of advice he has received

  • The business owners Lou admires and the value of constant learning

  • The benefits of pivoting and embracing failure to build a thriving business

In this episode…

Having a community of loyal customers and supporters for your business is an excellent way of learning more about your customers, their pain points, their needs, and collecting feedback about your company's products. It is also a great way of marketing a brand and promoting customer retention.

While building Echelon Fitness Multimedia, Lou Lentine leveraged support from his community of loyal customers and fitness instructors, which helped build the brand. He listened to their opinions and feedback about products, and through this was able to expand his product offering to include app development and content generation. It also gave him the opportunity to collaborate with other brands and celebrities, which has helped to increase his brand's value.

In this episode of the Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews Lou Lentine, the Founder and CEO of Echelon Fitness Multimedia, about the value of leveraging your community to build a thriving business. Lou talks about collaborating with other brands and celebrities, his strategies for driving traffic, growing sales, and retaining customers, and his advice on pivoting a business. Stay tuned.

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