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eCommerce Growth Strategies Through Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and Email Automation

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Philip Hill

Philip Hill is the Founder and CEO of Purebred Marketing, a digital marketing agency. Philip launched his first company in the pet space while attending the University of Alabama in 2009. Friends and acquaintances saw his expertise in the digital marketing space and asked him to help them scale their companies and increase their leads and sales. Philip is also an avid dog owner and lover.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Philip Hill's journey in building a marketing agency

  • Is social media marketing still relevant?

  • The biggest struggles faced by eCommerce brands

  • Philip explains the importance of SEO, best practices and common myths surrounding it

  • The benefits of affiliate marketing for eCommerce brands

  • Philip's advice for working with coupon sites and handling feedback on review sites

  • Best practices for email marketing and creating a high-converting website

  • Philip's book recommendations and his thoughts on having mentors

In this episode…

Coming up with the best marketing strategy to drive traffic and sales for your eCommerce brand can be frustrating, especially if you are a small brand. Using paid channels does not always work and some marketing strategies can prove ineffective.

The best eCommerce brands know that effective marketing requires them to pay attention to their customers' needs, use the right messages, and add value to them. They also have to build good relationships with customers and show them that they care by providing the best customer experience.

In this episode of The Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Roisentul is joined by Philip Hill, the Founder and CEO of Purebred Marketing, to discuss eCommerce growth strategies for driving traffic and growing sales. Philip explains how SEO and affiliate marketing can help boost conversions and shares best practices for email marketing. Stay tuned.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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