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Using a Unique Group Hiring Process and Remote Team To Build an 8-Figure Business W/ Garret Akerson

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Garret Akerson

Garret Akerson is the Co-founder and President of Kindred Bravely, a breastfeeding and maternity apparel brand. He has directly built and designed high-impact digital campaigns for brands from $5M to $60M-plus and has taken part in three founding teams, one merger, and one successful exit.

Garret is an adventure-seeker, brand-builder, and father of two boys. Among other things, Garret provides leadership coaching and strategic fundraising support. After co-founding Kindred Bravery in 2015, just two years later, their company won the Shopify Build a BIGGER Business Competition as one of the fastest-growing online retailers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Garret Akerson and his wife, Deeanne, started Kindred Bravely and how they went from idea to manufacturing

  • What differentiates Kindred Bravely products from other products in the market

  • Garret talks about the challenges they face getting validation or proof of concept for their products

  • Why Garret started selling his products on Amazon and Shopify

  • Garret's advice to new business owners on finding the right platform to sell their products

  • Garret talks about building a remote team and shares his advice on maintaining company culture with a remote team

  • Garret's strategies for hiring executive-level employees and his company's unique recruitment process

In this episode…

Building a successful business is not about relying on good luck — it requires hard work, commitment, and strategic decisions. It starts with how you create your products, the hiring process you use to build your team, and how you communicate with your customers.

When Garret Akerson and his wife, Deeanne Akerson, started Kindred Bravely, they knew what products the market needed because they were the target users for those products. They did not rely on luck or random facts. They worked hard, made smart decisions, made unique products, and went on to build a thriving business made up of 80 employees working remotely.

In this episode of the Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Riosentul interviews Garret Akerson, the President of Kindred Bravely, about his unique hiring process and how he built an 8-figure business by concentrating on the needs of his customers. Garret talks about the challenges he faces getting validation for his products, his reasons to start selling on Amazon, and his strategies for hiring remote and executive-level employees. Stay tuned.

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