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The Power of Optimization: From Websites to Mindsets and Everything in Between

David "Teddy" Owen

Matthew Stafford is the CEO and managing partner of Build Grow Scale and an equity owner of some in-house Ecommerce brands. He has knowledge and expertise which has enabled him to mentor thousands of store owners through paid Ecommerce groups and live events. In fact, prior to Covid-19, BGS hosted the largest yearly Ecommerce-focused event in North America - BGS LIVE.

His experience has also enabled him to help hundreds of e-commerce brands scale past the million-dollar mark - with over one hundred hitting the $10 million mark, and almost 20 reaching the coveted $100 million mark. To top it off, he's been speaking on stages about e-commerce optimization for seven years now!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Matthew's Background

  • Strategies for Optimizing Your Website and Beyond

  • Mastering Communication and Relationships With Your Team

  • Transforming Negative Internal Narratives to Achieve Financial Success

  • Understanding the Key Conversion Rates for E-commerce Events

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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