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The Need for Speed in Business

David "Teddy" Owen

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, we sat down with Kelley Thornton. He’s one of the founders of Tiege Hanley, a brand with the mission of helping men look and feel amazing.

The business has evolved from selling three distinct Skin Care Systems to boasting a wide variety of products, including deodorant, bar soap, body wash, and a detoxifying clay mask. Tiege shipped its 1.5 millionth box in July 2022 and has over 350,000 customers worldwide. Kelley is focused on enriching the experience for all customers and guiding men to healthier lifestyles founded on self-confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The Tiege Hanley Story

  • Insights from Tiege Hanley's Founder

  • Agile Strategies for DTC Growth

  • Cultivating Company Culture: Tiege Hanley's Approach to Expansion

  • Tiege Hanley's Winning Channels, Struggles, and Triumphs

  • Success Marketing: Tiege Hanley's Unique Approach Unveiled

  • Mastering Global Marketplaces: Tiege Hanley's Long-Term Vision

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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