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The Journey to Building a Successful Skincare Brand for Men

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

David "Teddy" Owen

Jake Rosenberg suffered a ski accident in 2017, leaving him with a scar on his face. At the time, he felt that there wasn’t a solution for him because the products found were either impractical, marketed to women, or didn’t address his needs.

From there, he learned every aspect of an e-commerce skincare business, product development, supply-chain management, and digital marketing to build Krete, a skincare brand with a performance at the core and a simplistic design that would appeal to the modern man.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jake's Background

  • The Life Adjustments You Must Make To Be Successful

  • From Inspiration to Creation: How Krete Skincare for Men Was Born

  • Overcoming Challenges: Product Development, Supply Chains, and the Age-Old Debate of Free Shipping

  • Digital Marketing That Delivers: Strategies That Work for Krete

  • Scaling Up: How to Handle Fast Growth in Your Business

  • Breaking Ground in Men's Skincare: A Startup's Journey

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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