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Simplifying E-commerce Operations & What Nobody Tells You About Black Friday

David "Teddy" Owen

Alon Partuk is the founder of Apricoat and Octup.

In this episode, he’ll share his unique perspective as the founder of both a DTC brand and a tech company in the e-commerce space.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alon's background

  • Exploring the Challenges of Tech Companies and DTC Brands

  • Decoding the Essentials for Thriving DTC Brands

  • The Story and Purpose of Octup

  • Understanding the Benefits Octup Offers to Brands

  • Spotlight on Octup's Most Beloved Feature

  • Tips for Black Friday

  • Apricoat's Winning Channels and Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor for this episode...

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