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How To Build Sustainable Passive Income Streams Using Outsourced E-commerce

David "Teddy" Owen

Will Basta was born in New York and graduated from Arizona State University. After an initial career in health tech, he went on to work for tech startups; building out sales strategy and marketing teams. Found his passion as an entrepreneur in the passive income world.

While invested in the e-commerce industry he found that most of the companies out there at that time were not set up for long-term success and saw a gap in the industry of a model that was there which could've been executed better, along with his partner knew they could improve this model, leading to create Ascend Ecom. He has been featured in FORBES, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Market Watch.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Wills's background

  • How he started Ascend Ecom

  • How to build sustainable passive income streams using outsourced e-commerce

  • Why building a brand is important nowadays, even on Amazon

  • Data-driven trend forecasting for e-commerce

  • Entrepreneur culture and startups

  • Increasing revenue streams no matter your current wealth

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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