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How Frost Buddy Went From $0 to $30M in Under 3 Years

David "Teddy" Owen

Brock Mammoser is the founder of Frost Buddy, one of the fastest growing drinkware brands in the world right now.

He and his brother went from 0-$30M in under 3 years through digital marketing with Meta, Google, and TikTok, among other channels.

They are the most disruptive brand in our space right now and it's just a couple of brothers that take crazy chances.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Introducing Frost Buddy's Vision:

Discover the essence of Frost Buddy as Brock Mammoser takes us on a journey through the heart of their brand, unveiling its core purpose and driving mission.

Cracking the Code to $30M Success:

Unlock the secrets to Frost Buddy's meteoric rise. Brock reveals the pivotal factors, including their unwavering mission, visionary culture, and the key components that fueled their journey to $30 million.

Mastering Acquisition and Retention Strategies:

Dive into the realm of customer acquisition and retention. Explore Frost Buddy's effective strategies across various channels, understanding how they've woven engagement and loyalty into their fabric.

Decoding Multichannel Tracking:

Delve into the sophisticated art of tracking efforts across platforms. Brock provides insights into how Frost Buddy effectively measures their initiatives to maximize impact and growth.

Frost Buddy's Community Ecosystem:

Uncover the power of community-building as Brock unveils Frost Buddy's vibrant Facebook group. Learn how they foster engagement, connect with customers, and create an ecosystem that nurtures loyalty.

The Viral Phenomenon on TikTok:

Experience the electrifying moment when Frost Buddy's video went viral on TikTok. Brock narrates the story behind the 20 million views in just 5 days, the astounding $250K in a single day of sales, and the influx of 200K followers.

Crafting Effective Ad Creatives:

Gain exclusive insights into the world of advertising. Brock shares his perspective on the ad creative elements that drive success and narrates their journey in mastering the art of capturing audiences.

Shopify Apps That Enhance Business:

Brock unveils his favorite Shopify apps that have enhanced Frost Buddy's operations. Learn about the tools that have streamlined their journey and added value to their brand.

Essentials for DTC Success:

Brock's wisdom guides us toward the core essentials for DTC triumph. Explore the key ingredients, strategies, and perspectives that modern DTC brands must embody to flourish.

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