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Give Up Your Stuff, Not Your Dream

David "Teddy" Owen

In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Jules Weldon and Stacey Pierce, the remarkable minds behind OMEGear, to explore the incredible journey of their innovative brand.

They share the story of how OMEGear came to be, starting with the first concept in 1998 and the invaluable lessons they learned during the innovation process. From validating the idea to going all-in on their business, Jules and Stacey's determination and passion shine through as they recount their challenges and triumphs. Join us as they reveal the behind-the-scenes preparation for winning a National TV Show and their vision for the future of OMEGear.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

1. The Story of OMEGear:

Jules and Stacey introduce us to the essence of OMEGear and how their brand embodies a unique concept. They share their initial inspiration and how the idea for OMEGear took shape, dating back to 1998.

2. Lessons from the Innovation Process:

The journey of innovation is often accompanied by valuable lessons. Jules and Stacey reflect on their experiences and share insights they gained during the process of developing and refining OMEGear's concept.

3. Validating the Idea:

Validating an innovative idea is a crucial step for any aspiring entrepreneur. Jules and Stacey provide insights into their approach to validating the idea behind OMEGear and how it shaped their path forward.

4. Going All-In on the Business:

Jules and Stacey share a defining moment in their journey, when they made a bold decision to sell their home to buy back their products in China. They discuss the philosophy of "giving up your stuff and not your dream" as they pursued their passion for OMEGear.

5. Navigating Challenges: Former Partners, Manufacturers, and COVID:

As with any entrepreneurial venture, challenges arise. Jules and Stacey candidly discuss the obstacles they faced with former partners, manufacturers, and the impact of the COVID pandemic on their business.

6. Lessons from Traveling the US in an RV for 2 Years:

Jules and Stacey recount the valuable lessons they learned while traveling across the United States, connecting with people and understanding diverse perspectives, which ultimately enriched their business journey.

7. Successfully Funded on Kickstarter:

Crowdfunding played a pivotal role in OMEGear's success. Jules and Stacey share their experiences and strategies for achieving success on Kickstarter.

8. Winning a National TV Show: Preparation and Pitching Live:

Jules and Stacey provide an insider's look into their preparation for and experience of winning a National TV Show. They share the process of pitching live and the thrill of their triumph.

9. Overcoming Adversity:

Entrepreneurial journeys are rife with unforeseen challenges. Jules and Stacey share their experiences of facing situations they thought they wouldn't recover from and how resilience carried them through.

10. The Future of OMEGear:

Looking ahead, Jules and Stacey reveal their vision for the future of OMEGear, including new developments and exciting plans to further grow their innovative brand.

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