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From Aerospace Engineer to DTC Founder

David "Teddy" Owen

Ryan Gresh is the founder of The Feel Good Lab, a maker of plant-based pain relief and recovery products that were developed in his family's pharmacy.

Before starting The Feel Good Lab, Ryan was an aerospace engineer designing helicopters and jet engines but left that career to take the innovations from the family business and turn them into a worldwide DTC brand.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

A Family-Inspired Venture:

Learn about The Feel Good Lab, a remarkable business co-founded by Ryan Gresh and his father. Explore the origins of this venture and the inspiration that led to its creation.

Navigating the DTC Roller Coaster:

Ryan candidly discusses the highs and lows of the direct-to-consumer journey. Uncover how challenging lessons have contributed to the growth and resilience of The Feel Good Lab.

Customer Empowerment Through Success Stories:

Dive into a heartwarming customer story where a woman's life was transformed by The Feel Good Lab's products. Discover how the brand's commitment to customer success brings genuine impact.

Key Lessons That Resonate:

Explore the invaluable lessons Ryan and his team have learned throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Gain insights into the strategies and mindset that drive The Feel Good Lab's success.

Building the Winning Team Dynamic:

Learn about the art of creating and nurturing a successful team. Ryan shares his perspective on how a business team is more akin to a sports team than a family, highlighting the importance of synergy.

The Unconventional Path of Fundraising:

Delve into the topic of fundraising and its relevance for businesses like The Feel Good Lab. Ryan provides candid insights into his experiences and opinions on the fundraising landscape.

Legal Lessons:

Discover a pivotal lesson in legal matters as Ryan recounts the journey of trademarking The Feel Good Lab's name. Uncover the challenges they faced and the ultimate triumph they achieved.

Evolution of Today's Entrepreneur:

Gain a fresh perspective on the evolving role of today's entrepreneur. Ryan shares how the role has shifted from a technical focus to encompassing community-building and marketing skills.

Entering Retail Amidst the Pandemic:

Immerse yourself in the captivating story of The Feel Good Lab's retail launch with major chains like CVS and Target, at the peak of the pandemic. Explore the strategies and challenges behind this bold move.

Empowering Customer Support:

Ryan takes us behind the scenes as he personally handles customer support calls. Discover how he transforms frustrated customers into happy, loyal fans of The Feel Good Lab.

The Power of Raving Fans:

Experience the heartwarming impact of The Feel Good Lab on its customers through touching stories. From handwritten notes to flowers, these raving fans express how the brand has transformed their lives.

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