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Creating Timeless Products To Fill a Void in the Marketplace

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Kaitie Sjostedt and Lisa Strandberg

Kaitie Sjostedt and Lisa Strandberg are the Co-founders and Creative Directors at THE SHORE LINE, a resort wear brand made to make women feel effortlessly chic from the beach to the street. The company was founded by the two sisters who grew up along the shorelines of Florida.

Kaitie is also a Sales Planning Analyst at WarnerMedia, and before starting THE SHORE LINE, she studied fashion and worked at LVMH. Lisa was a Personal Stylist at Her Styled View, an Agent at Ford Models, and spent her teenage years as a model.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kaitie Sjostedt and Lisa Strandberg talk about their background

  • What's THE SHORE LINE and what’s special about its fabrics?

  • How Lisa's experience as a teenage model has influenced her work at THE SHORE LINE

  • Kaitie talks about studying fashion in New York and working at Fashion Week and LVMH

  • The aha moment that sparked the idea for THE SHORE LINE

  • How significant is social media in building a fashion brand?

  • What to expect from THE SHORE LINE in 2022 and its future growth plans

  • Where to learn more about THE SHORE LINE

In this episode…

Do you need a particular product, but it’s difficult to find it in the marketplace? Maybe it’s a void that you can fill.

For Kaitie Sjostedt and Lisa Strandberg, having timeless fashion pieces in their wardrobe is a must. Having been brought up along the shorelines of Florida, they enjoyed spending time at the beach. But they found it difficult shopping for clothes they could wear to the beach and seamlessly transition to stylish off-the-beach wear. This gap in the market prompted them to find a solution, so they started their own clothing brand to fill the void.

In this episode of The Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews Kaitie Sjostedt and Lisa Strandberg, the Co-founders and Creative Directors at THE SHORE LINE, to talk about their journey building a clothing brand. Kaitie and Lisa also describe their background in fashion, explain how social media helps them grow their brand, and discuss their future growth plans. Stay tuned.

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