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8 Things Successful DTC Brands Have in Common

David "Teddy" Owen

Brian Roisentul has interviewed over 100 successful DTC founders and directors on this podcast.

In this episode, he talks about the 8 things they have in common and contributed to their success.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • 8 things these successful brands have in common

  • Why and how you should apply them to your business

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • BSR Digital

  • Subscribe to The DTC Insider weekly newsletter

  • Brian Roisentul on LinkedIn

  • Florencia Kolyvakis on LinkedIn

  • Tech stack mentioned on the show:

    • KnoCommerce: for post-purchase surveys

    • Tapcart: for building a mobile app

    • Rebuy / AfterSell: to capture repeat purchases

    • Recharge: for subscriptions

    • JudgeMe / Okendo: for Shopify reviews and more

    • Aftership / Malomo: improving the order tracking experience

    • Twik: product catalog sorting tool through AI

    • Klaviyo / Sendlane: for email marketing

    • Attentive / Postscript: for SMS

    • Zipify: Up/Cross-sells

    • Replo (YC S21) / Shogun / GemPages: landing pages

    • Archive: UGC Gathering

    • Triple Whale / Northbeam: analytics

    • Gorgias: for customer support

    • FlexReturns: for returns

    • Numeral: Tax Compliance

    • Finaloop: P&L + Bookkeeping

    • Parker: Credit Card

    • Retention: email list growth

    • Viralsweep: for giveaways

Sponsor for this episode...

This episode is brought to you by BSR Digital.

BSR Digital helps e-commerce brands that want to scale their business to the next level through paid ads & email marketing.

To learn more about BSR Digital, visit their website or book a call here.


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