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This Fashion Brand Grew From $2m/mo to $6m/mo in Only 17 Months

If you think your brand offers many products, then think again.

This apparel & fashion brand releases between 100 and 200 products every.single.week.

That's a lot of products, isn't it?

However, growth wasn't that fast.

What happened?

They reached a plateau.

Which was making them feel stuck and frustrated.

So they came to us looking for help.

What did they need?

They wanted to go from their current $2.6m in monthly revenue to $4m.

That was no easy task, but we were up for the challenge.

Here's what we did for them:

First things first:

  • We did an audit of what was working and what wasn't

  • We performed a competition research to better understand what was working for them, and what we could be doing better

  • We worked on their ICPs to target them properly and create messages that will resonate with them

  • Finally, we put together a customer acquisition & retention strategy with all the information we gathered

The results?

As you can see in the chart, by Sep we were at $4m+ in monthly revenue, and by Oct $4.6m.

The client was happy, but they wanted more.

And that's great, we love having clients that want to keep growing and reaching new ceilings.

What happened?

Take a look at following chart, which shows the first 5 months of the next year:

In May of the next year, they were doing $6m+/mo!

But, wait...

What about ROAS?

Great question!

It went from 3x+ to 6.48x.

Meaning that we managed to scale the brand, not only by spending more but also by keeping profitability high.


If you found this helpful, and you're looking for help to scale your DTC brand, then feel free to book a discovery call to see how we can help:


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