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How This Brand Skyrocketed by 12x Its Monthly Revenue During Black Friday

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Q4 is right around the corner, and everyone in the e-commerce space knows that it can either make or break your business.


I'll give you 2 main reasons:

  • Brands order way more inventory than usual

  • They spend more money on their marketing efforts (ie. ads, email, landing pages, creatives, tech)

So, if the influx of sales doesn't meet their expectations, they could end up overspending by a significant amount.

Causing serious issues for the business.

So, you'd better set up for success.

What kind of return can brands expect from Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

Of course, the answer is: "it depends".

But, I'll tell you how this client increased its monthly revenue by a whopping 12x!!!

This brand sells portable phone chargers. The thinnest in the market, according to them.

As you can see in the chart below, they were doing over $73,000 in June.

This remained consistent for them, which left them feeling stuck and frustrated.

As you can see, they performed similarly up until the end of August.

Then, things started to pick up in September.

The trend continued into October, and...

Drum roll, please...

In November, they hit, listen well, over $882,000 in monthly revenue 🙌

How did we accomplish this?

First off, we planned the Black Friday/Cyber Monday a few months before it started.

Not just one month, or a few weeks... many brands that don't succeed during that time of the year tend to do.

What did the plan for Black Friday/Cyber Monday include?

We honestly did lots of things, among others:

⏰ Started early

🏷️ Defined the offer

📣 Defined the channels to leverage (ie. Meta, Google, email)

🌐 Created a compelling landing page with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

📈 Planned how we would strategically scale the ad budget

Would you like to see more details on what we did?

Was the client happy?

You bet!

But hey, don't just take my word for it, listen to what he said in this video.

Need help from a seasoned team in the DTC space?

We're here to help.

Feel free to book a Discovery call with us using this link.


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