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Supplement Brand Bootstrapped $10,000 and Built It Into Sales of $30 Million in Three Years

Ronak Shah

This episode of The DTC Insider podcast originally aired on May 27th, 2022. So, if you didn't listen to it, this is a great time to do it!

Ronak Shah is the Co-founder and CEO of Obvi, a collagen-fortified health and wellness brand. Obvi was founded by three friends and bootstrapped $10,000 into $30 million in sales in less than three years. Ronak is a strategic thinker and senior leader who creatively uses technology, marketing, strategy, and analytics to support innovation and revenue-generating business goals. He is also a Co-founder of Ghost3Media, a marketing agency.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ronak Shah explains how Obvi began

  • How Obvi's packaging differentiates the brand from its competition

  • Do you have to be an expert on a subject before starting a business in that industry?

  • How Ronak leverages customer feedback to innovate and improve his brand

  • The strategies Ronak and his business partners use to build a successful brand

  • Ronak talks about the value of having business partners, working around a vision, and the key elements that drive Obvi's growth

  • Obvi's unique strategies for hiring, attracting, and motivating employees

  • The challenges Obvi faces at different stages of growth and its main channels for driving traffic into sales

  • Ronak talks about his favorite book and mentor

In this episode…

Would you have your customers decide which products your company should produce and sell? Would you let them be the drivers of your business success?

To build a successful brand, you have to sell products that your customers actually want. This makes you stand out and differentiates you from your competitors. It also helps you build a sustainable legacy brand that stands the test of time. But how can you know what your customers want? According to Ronak Shah, it's very simple — just ask them.

In this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews Ronak Shah, the Co-founder and CEO of Obvi, about the strategies he used bootstrapping his company to $30 million in sales in under three years. Ronak talks about the importance of listening to and serving a target group of customers, the value of having business partners and working around a vision, and Obvi's unique hiring strategies.

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