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How To Build a Business That You’ll Enjoy for the Rest of Your Life

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz is the Founder of Beardbrand and Sovrnty. Beardbrand is a company that provides grooming products for beards, hair, and skin. Sovrnty sells a one-size-fits-all beauty product. Beardbrand has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Forbes, Fast Company, Shark Tank, and more. Before starting his companies, Eric was a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eric Bandholz explains what the Beardbrand and Sovrnty companies do

  • Eric's advice on creating a successful business partnership

  • How to build a company you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life

  • Does Eric follow any methodologies for determining his companies' core values and mission?

  • How Eric implements core values in his companies and how failing to define them can negatively impact a business

  • Eric's strategies for landing new customers

  • The key milestones for Beardbrand and his advice to startups

  • What Eric is working on and his advice on growing a brand organically and running a long-term business

In this episode…

What does it take to build a successful business that you will enjoy for the rest of your life? Is it about the products or services you sell? Is it about the employees you hire or your leadership team?

According to Eric Bandholz, the secret sauce is having good business partners, good products, and building a company that reflects your core values. You consistently have to hire employees who align with your core values. In addition, you have to develop a mission-based business that positively impacts the world and be willing to learn from both your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

In this episode of The Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews Eric Bandholz, the Founder of Beardbrand and Sovrnty, about building a company that you will always enjoy. Eric also talks about his companies' core values, business methodologies, and advice on creating good business partnerships.

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