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ROAD iD's Secret Sauce for Getting Raving Fans With Mike Trimpe

Mike Trimpe

Mike Trimpe is the eCommerce Director at ROAD iD, a company that was started to help save lives, fuel adventure, and provide peace of mind for their customers. Since 1999, the company has been providing ID and personalized high visibility gear to its customers. The ID helps them stay safe wherever the road takes them and provides an easy way for first responders to contact their friends and family in case of an emergency. The ID is perfect for active adults, people with health issues, children, and even dogs. Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Popular Culture, and Media Informatics from Northern Kentucky University.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mike Trimpe explains how ROAD iD helps save lives

  • Who should use ROAD iD, and how did the idea come about?

  • Mike shares case studies from some of the company's customers

  • How ROAD iD's customers go to bat for them online

  • Mike talks about some key milestones for his company and what he does to maintain the company's culture

  • The strategies ROAD iD uses to drive traffic and optimize sales

  • What Mike does to increase his customers' average order

  • Shopify apps they use for e-commerce

  • The company's plans for Q4

  • How Mike's mentors have impacted him

In this episode…

What strategies do you use to win customers and drive sales for your business? What can you do to encourage repeat sales from existing customers?

The team at ROAD iD knows that happy and satisfied customers are the secret sauce to repeat sales and raving fans. They create products that customers need and go out of their way to provide the best customer experience, resulting in the company's growth and expansion over the years.

In this episode of The Fit Growth Machine Podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews Mike Trimpe, the eCommerce Director at ROAD iD, about saving lives and his company's secret sauce for getting raving fans. Mike explains how ROAD iD was started, talks about the key milestones for the company, and shares his marketing strategies for driving sales. Stay tuned.

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