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Navigating Growth Beyond Your Niche

David "Teddy" Owen

In this episode, we sit down with Dylan Jones, the Chief Marketing Officer at Podium Nutrition, to delve into the brand's journey and strategies in the competitive Supplements industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Current Challenges and Goals as a CMO

  • Standing Out in a Competitive Industry

  • Leading with Entertainment

  • How to Know When Your Brand is Ready to Tell a New Story

  • Key Customer Acquisition and Retention Channels

  • Top KPIs Monitored by Podium Nutrition

  • Custom Software for Loyalty and Retention

  • Exploring Retail Expansion

  • Insights on Retail Strategy

  • Leveraging Influencers as Ambassadors

  • The Role of Long-Form Video in Marketing Strategy

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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