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Jon Loomer’s Take on the Evolution of Paid Ads and The Importance of Short-form Video

David "Teddy" Owen

On this episode of The DTC Insider podcast, Brian Roisentul interviews the one and only, Jon Loomer.

We're sure that almost everyone in the advertising space knows who he is, but if you don’t, he’s the OG on Facebook Ads.

We recorded an episode a year ago, so we're interested in knowing what changed in 2023 on Meta Ads, what worked, what didn’t, and many other exciting things we’ll discuss today.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joom Loomer's long-form video tips and secrets to publish a video every day of the year.

  • His content creation routine and the best-performing platforms

  • 2023 changes in Meta Ads

  • Favorite Meta Ads' new features

  • How advertising agencies need to evolve in 2024

  • Recommendations for media buyers in 2024

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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