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How Authentically American Became the Brand of Choice for Fortune 500 Companies

David "Teddy" Owen

In this episode, we sit down with Dean Wegner, the founder of Authentically American, to explore his journey from serving in the army to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Dean shares valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of launching a brand from scratch and the power of storytelling behind his brand, which has a clear vision and mission.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

1. Army Experience and Entrepreneurship:

Dean discusses how his time in the army prepared him for the world of entrepreneurship. He highlights the valuable skills and mindset he acquired during his service that have been instrumental in his business journey.

2. Challenges of Launching a Brand from Scratch:

Starting a brand from the ground up comes with its unique set of challenges. Dean opens up about the hurdles he faced during the early stages and how he overcame them to establish Authentically American.

3. The Power of Story:

Dean emphasizes the importance of storytelling in building a brand. He shares how Authentically American's compelling story, combined with a clear vision and mission, has resonated with their audience and driven their success.

4. B2C Business and Customer Relations:

Approximately 20% of Authentically American's business comes from direct-to-consumer (B2C) sales. Dean sheds light on their strategies for customer acquisition and retention, showcasing how they maintain a loyal customer base.

5. Working with Fortune 500 Companies:

Dean explains how Authentically American managed to secure partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. He delves into the significance of having a strong sense of identity and community, which appeals to major corporations seeking authentic collaborations.

6. The WOW Product Experience:

One of Authentically American's standout products is a t-shirt that reveals hidden words when wet. Dean shares the story behind this innovative product and how it has captivated their customers, leading to increased brand visibility.

7. Embracing Innovation:

Innovation has been a driving force behind Authentically American's growth. Dean discusses how the company encourages and embraces innovation in all aspects of its business.

8. Making the Most of National TV Features:

Dean reflects on the experience of gaining significant press coverage on national TV. He shares valuable insights on leveraging such opportunities effectively and recounts an entertaining story about a presenter's unexpected mention of their socks.

9. Leading with Purpose & Values:

Dean offers tips for entrepreneurs on leading with purpose and values. He explains how this approach has shaped Authentically American's brand identity and contributed to their success in the competitive market.

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